Bare unburied in Palermo, Orlando under investigation asks to be heard by the prosecutors: “I want to provide all the documentation”

“I intend to definitively clarify my position and I have asked through my lawyer, the lawyer Roberto Mangano, to be listened to to deliver further clarification and all documentation relating to my position “. The mayor of Palermo made it known, Leoluca Orlando, about theinvestigation who sees him under investigation for omission of official acts linked to the story of about 900 bare still unburied in cemetery of the Rolls.

The coffins stacked in makeshift deposits for months, the coffers literally burst resulting in problems public hygiene, the wild boars next to the piled up caskets, the crematorium broken with the relatives of the deceased forced to travel for hundreds of kilometers to be able to cremate their loved ones, for years they have represented an all-Palermo shame.

The emergency has lasted for decades, with judicial inquiries that have followed one another on a regular basis; but in the last year it has reached dimensions never seen in the past. In February 2020 an investigation by the carabinieri led to 10 warranties for corruption. Last July the councilor for the branch Roberto D’Agostino (Iv), he left office, taken on an interim basis by the mayor who promised a speedy solution.

And so Orlando, following the news of the investigation against him, reiterated “that the judiciary dutifully asked for clarification on the management of cemeteries, assuming an omission of official documents. It will be an opportunity, as mentioned, to bring all the ordinances, the service provisions and the measures adopted also in the context of control room that I set up precisely to demonstrate that I have done everything in my ability and competence as mayor to be able to address the critical issues that together with the councilor Toni Sala we are trying to overcome ”.

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