Barça: Pique mourns the departure of Messi, the show that does not pass

Last summer, Lionel Messi surprised everyone at Barcelona by signing for PSG against all odds.

Very close to extending his contract in favor of FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi took the Catalan supporters on the wrong foot by finally committing to Paris Saint-Germain for two years plus an optional year. A choice that shocked in Catalonia, where the Socios thought to see Lionel Messi at Camp Nou until the retirement of La Pulga. Within the Barcelona locker room too, the decision taken by the Argentinian international shocked. Gérard Pique did not expect it. In the program of the former Mancunian defender Gary Neville, The Overlape, the captain of FC Barcelona made it known that the departure of Lionel Messi to PSG had caused him a very strong emotion. Gérard Piqué reveals, for example, that he did not manage to contain his tears.

Pique cried when Messi signed for PSG

“For me, Messi is the best player in the history of football, because you can talk about Maradona or Pelé, but playing at this level for 15 consecutive years is the difference and that’s why Messi is special. » analyzed Gérard Piqué before discussing the departure of Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona last summer. With a hint of emotion. “I cried when Leo joined PSG because of the career he had at Barcelona, ​​it would have been great if he stayed at the club until the end of his career, but I understand what happened. passed because the club was suffering economically” explained Gérard Piqué, who could not contain his tears when he learned of Lionel Messi’s departure.

A version that is likely to make people laugh gently in Catalonia, where very different feedback has been heard in recent months. Indeed, the central defender is accused of having played his personal card by quickly negotiating a drop in salary with his club without consulting the other executives of the club, while collective discussions were underway. As a result, this operation made any maintenance of Lionel Messi at Barça impossible. And Gérard Pique would have even whispered in the ear of the new president Joan Laporta that the finances of the club should not be put in the red by keeping the Argentinian. As a result, it was once Messi left for PSG that Pique extended his contract, which angered the Argentinian. The latter, each time he returns to Barcelona, ​​refuses that Pique be in the circle of friends he sees again, and he made it clear to Xavi when he returned to Barca. Enough to put a big damper on the tears of Gérard Piqué, who did absolutely nothing to prevent this departure, which was visibly so painful in his eyes.

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