Barbie, comes the inclusive doll with hearing aid. And Ken has Vitiligo

by Luca Marchetti

A doll could be inclusive? Sure why not! The world of toys is also changing, and it is becoming a laboratory of education for diversity and human complexity to break down crystal ceilings e gender gap. And this is how among the latest news of the Mattelthe US toy company, the first doll appears Barbie with hearing aid. It was announced on Wednesday 11 May within the Libyan Barbie Fashionistas, to represent all those people who live without hearing. In the same line it was also introduced Ken with Vitiligobut also another Ken with soft hair and a new Barbie with the prosthetic leg.

Barbie, here is the inclusive doll with hearing aid (Photo Credit Mattel)

Mattel, the second largest toy brand in the world only after Lego, continues her journey in the representation of diversity and inclusion through dolls, to allow girls and boys to tell the stories they can observe in the world around them. Already now the Fashionistas best represent the theme of diversity & inclusion, offering a variety of skin tones, eye colors and hair types and hairstyles, body shapes, disabilities and fashions to choose from. In 2021, eight of the top ten most popular dolls in the line globally represented diversity, inspiring little girls to tell more stories and find a doll that spoke to them and represented them.

“We celebrate the importance of inclusion”

Dr. Jen Richardson, an authority on educational audiology, commented on Barbie’s coming out with hearing aid and Ken with vitiligo: “I am honored to have worked with Barbie in creating an accurate reproduction of a doll. with hearing aids. As an educational audiologist with over 18 years of experience advocating for hearing loss, I find seeing oneself reflected in a doll is an inspiration for those experiencing hearing loss. I am extremely excited that my young patients see and play with a doll that looks like them ”.

In addition to Barbie with the hearing aid, Ken with vitiligo has also been included in the new doll line (Photo Credit Mattel)

“Barbie strongly believes in the power of representation and we, as the most inclusive doll line on the market, are committed to continuing to introduce dolls with a variety of skin tones, body shapes and disabilities that reflect the diversity that children have. they see in the world around them. It is important that children see themselves reflected in the product and that they are encouraged to play with dolls that do not look like them at the same time to help them understand and celebrate the importance of inclusion, ”said Lisa McKnight, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Barbie and Dolls, by Mattel.

When does Barbie go out with her hearing aid?

Barbie with hearing aid will be available starting July 2022. This year’s range includes new dolls with a variety of body types, including a smaller, curvy and original bust, as well as a new prosthetic leg doll. In 2020, a vitiligo doll was launched to allow boys and girls to tell even more stories they see in the world around them. Also in 2020, in the United States, this product was one of the top five best sellers of the line. Finally, this year, the novelty is also Ken with vitiligo.

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