Barber kisses his clients on the forehead when he finishes the haircut

Shocking. He knows how to pamper his clients! Go to the barber shop The hairdresser is a real relaxation for men and women who enjoy the services and good attention; however, in very few places it happens that you receive such an euphoric demonstration of affection from the professional who treated you. This is the case of Bryan Sematore, a barber in the United States who has become very popular for kissing the forehead of his clients when he has just cut their hair. Here the story of him that causes a stir in TikTok.

For him, it’s not just about creating a new look or improving an existing one, but being extremely tender, making people feel welcomed and loved in the minutes they are in his New Jersey Loyalty Barbershop.

Kiss on the forehead to seal the cut

Through their Instagram and TikTok accounts He not only shares videos of his work inside the Ridgewood barbershop and the different designs he makes on his clients’ hair, but also how he ends each cut by giving the person who sat across from him a kiss on the forehead.

In the videos that accumulate dozens of “likes” and good comments, it is observed that men do not react badly or complain after the demonstration of affection from this man full of tattoos, but that their faces are transformed giving way to joy and smile, even more so when the professional also gives them a bottle of liquor.

On his social media account, Bryan Sematore not only shares kisses with his clients, but also various material on hair design styles, ways to cut, as well as tips and advice for novice hairdressers.

What is the difference between a hairdresser and a barber?

“The main difference is that barbers are licensed to shave with a razor, in addition to all other hair styling skills. Similarly, most people are not sure about the differences between barbers and hairdressers. Because, sometimes, the lines can seem blurry”, they explain from

How to grow a beard naturally

tomato face mask

For this trick, you need to select a few ripe tomatoes and crush them, either using a blender, blender or by hand. Of course, do not remove the seeds. Subsequently, apply the juice on the beard and try to cover the entire area.

Everything good up to that point? perform a few massages in circular movements and let it act for about 30 minutes. He rinses with plenty of lukewarm water and that will be it.

lemon and cinnamon lotion

According to the portal , the presence of alpha hydroxy acids makes lemon an important aid in hair growth. The juice of a lemon, which must be mixed with a teaspoon of cinnamon, apply it on the beard and make circular movements with a brush. This home remedy can make your beard grow faster.

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