Barbara Meier: Barbara Meier posts a rare photo

Barbara Meier
Unedited and without a filter: the model appears completely natural

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Nowadays hardly a picture goes online without Photoshop and filters. With her latest posting, Barbara Meier would like to consciously oppose this. The model shows a picture of herself that is very special. Because it works without any post-production.

Small wrinkles around the corners of the mouth, the skin naturally with supposed small flaws – in the latest photo that Barbara Meier, 35, posts on Instagram, she shows herself from a side that the public rarely gets to see otherwise. The photo was taken analogue, not edited afterwards, explains Barbara in the caption. A rarity in the all-too-perfect world of social networks, where all naturalness is touched up with tons of filters and image processing programs.

Barbara Meier shows FAST how God created her

“Only 1 attempt, no filters, no editing, … Simply capturing a moment,” wrote the 2007 GNTM winner about the photo, adding that she herself would love such photos. Only minimally make-up shows her followers: inside, the red mane is the ultimate eye-catcher. The look: longing and very soft. “Then it doesn’t matter if there is a small stain / mistake somewhere,” writes the 35-year-old, proving that she stands by herself and any mistakes and blemishes. You search in vain for that on the beautiful recording, but Barbara is still celebrated online for her authenticity.

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Fans love analog photography

The model, who is now a mom, gets a lot of support online for her particularly honest picture. The followers love their authenticity. In addition to many thousands of likes, there are a lot of compliments under the post. “Wonderful, of course,” enthuses one user. “Simply very beautiful photos of a naturally beautiful woman, shine out of our fantastic plastic world,” writes another. “Such pictures are beautiful,” says another.

At events and jobs, Barbara Meier is usually more stylish and often with a lot of make-up. Would she have expected herself to generate so much enthusiasm with her unedited photo? Perhaps it will encourage you to show your natural side more often in the future?

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