Banned list, Urso (Copasir): “It’s a simple report”. But Floris: “No, it’s a press review on opinions not aligned with Atlanticism”

There is no blacklist, there is no intelligence activity on people. It is a simple report made by an inter-ministerial table created in 2019 ″. This was said by the president of the Copasir, Adolfo Ursoof Fratelli d’Italia, guest at Half past eight, on La7. The subject of the episode is the now well-known list published by Corriere della Sera with the names of people believed to be close to Vladimir Putin, an article that prompted the undersecretary today Franco Gabrielli to convene a press conference to dismiss the accusations against the secret services. During the broadcast, to give strength to his theory, Urso pulled out the European Union task force that deals with disinformation, saying that “in Europe this thing has already existed since 2015”. Giovanni Floris, however, the president of Copasir intervened denying: “I have read the report (the one released by Gabrielli, ed) and it is not like that. It is a press review on the opinions that differ from the Atlanticist line, moreover without sources. I did it better “.

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