Bang PD went to Lollapalooza to support TXT and became a trend

During the Lollapalooza festival, TXT and J-Hope from BTS had special performances, which caused a large attendance at the festival and the same CEO of the company that created these groups was not going to miss it. As soon as fans recognized Bang PD in the public, they didn’t hesitate to record it. Causing their ‘fancams’ to become a trend in networks.

Bang Si Hyuk attended the festival lollapalooza to support TXT Already J Hope in their presentations. Some fans recognized it and recorded videos of the CEO supporting his artists, causing these videos to become trend networking.

Bang Si Hyuk always personally supports his artists. // Source: Twitter @BTS_twt

Bang PD’s name is well known among fans of BTS and TXT, being the mastermind behind these groups that have fascinated thousands around the world. However, despite his heavy schedule, Bang Si Hyuk did not hesitate to go support TXT and J-Hope at their show at the Lollapalooza 2022.

For this reason, as soon as the concertgoers recognized him in the audience, they did not hesitate to start recording it while shouting like true fans for Bang PS. Provoking an amusing reaction in the CEO.

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Fans shouted Bang PD’s name as they recognized him in the Lollapalooza audience

A few days ago, TXT performed on stage at Lollapalooza and Bang PS was there to support the young group that became the first K-Pop act to perform at the festival.

Shortly before the start of the performance, several fans who were there to see TXT recognized Bang PS in the VIP area of ​​the festival and they quickly started recording him and shouting his name. As many chanted Bang PD, the South Korean pretended that he wasn’t listening as he laughed shyly with no idea how to react to the fans’ support. The video made viral on Twitter, currently exceeds 66 thousand reproductions. You can see it here:

  • Fans recognized Bang PD and started shouting his name. // Source: Twitter @luvvv_jk

On the other hand, as soon TXT went on stage, Bang PD joined the scream from fans and began to support his company group enthusiastically, causing fans to be touched by the way Bang Si Hyuk supported the group. His video already exceeds 54 thousand reproductions and you can see it here:

  • Bang PD supporting TXT’s performance at Lollapalooza. // Source: Twitter @ikiIybts

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MOA and ARMY love that Bang Si Hyuk personally supports their groups

Lastly, fans of TXT Y bts are very grateful for Bang PSnot only for being the founder of his favorite groups, but also for support them consistently in each of the achievements you get during your career. Since recently the CEO was also seen at the Jack In The Box launch party. Without a doubt, he has a great relationship with his groups and the fans love him.

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