Bang Chan Reveals The Adorable Connection He Has With His Pet

While Bang Chan was recently visiting Australia, the Stray Kids idol shared some of the new memories he made there, including his tender moments with his family pet Berry.

like every fan of stray kids You know, Bang Chan recently traveled to his home country, he was able to take a break and spend time with his family, but even there he was still thinking about STAY, so he filmed some moments to share his experiences with fans.

Among the most popular moments are the interactions of the K-Pop idol, the little dog that the family of bang chan has as a pet

Thanks to the videos the singer-rapper shared, we can see just how much Berry loves him and how sweet the connection between them is, even if they can’t see each other very often.

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Berry did not want Bang Chan to leave and showed it in a very sweet way

In an adorable clip, Bang Chan is about to start packing his suitcase to head back to South Korea, but at that moment berry he sits inside the suitcase, preventing the idol from packing his belongings.

The Stray Kids member asks him if he’s doing that so he doesn’t leave, followed by the artist teasing his pet and even asking if he should take her with him so he doesn’t miss him. AWW!

Bang chan with his pet Berry. | Source: Twitter @seungdduk

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Bang Chan gets Berry’s full attention when he’s in Australia

Also, in another part of the video, Bang Chan’s mom talks to Berry and catches his attention, but as soon as he pet she hears the idol’s voice calling her, she gets distracted and goes towards him.

Berry moves excitedly at Bang Chan’s voice, so STAY he was able to learn more about how beautiful the bond they share is.

Bang chan with his pet Berry. | Source: Twitter @_lixfreckles_

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