BamBam showed his anger at the comments he received in photos

BamBam recently shared photos of some of his memories traveling around the world with GOT7, but he had an unexpected response that made him angry and changed his post.

In recent days, many fans of GOT7 had expressed how great it was to see this group in concert, so they showed their wishes for the K-Pop boy group to have a new tour with all seven members.

Bam Bam he also seems to miss the experience of being in the middle of a tour along with his GOT7 companions, because just yesterday, he published a set of photographs taken in different countries during the tour keep spinning.

For AHGASEthis BamBam update was very special as the photos took us back to special moments that were captured during the group’s Tour Logs, but there were also some people who chose to leave bad comments for the singer.

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GOT7’s BamBam was attacked by some netizens after posting photos in Russia

The photos of the K-Pop singer included very diverse shots, we saw him enjoying the view in a European city…

Memories of BamBam on GOT7 tours. | Source: Instagram @bambam1a

Going to a beach…

Memories of BamBam on GOT7 tours. | Source: Instagram @bambam1a

And even walking through the streets of Chile, where he and Youngjae had fun walking around:

Memories of BamBam on GOT7 tours. | Source: Instagram @bambam1a

However, among their photos (which have now been deleted) there were also some shots in Russia, a country that the group visited several years ago. Some Instagram users considered that they should not publish these photos due to the war conflict that this nation began a few months ago, they left bad comments for BamBam and attacked him with accusations.

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BamBam was upset about receiving bad comments in his memories with GOT7

Through his personal Twitter account, the ribBon interpreter offered an apology if he had offended someone, but pointed out that in his post there were photos from many different countries, so it did not seem right that he was suddenly receiving attacks as if he had done something wrong. After them BamBam said:

Now I can’t even think about my old memories, thanks

The tweet showed that he was not at all happy to receive attacks that took his publication out of context, but he also deleted the post and re-uploaded photographs, eliminating those that caused some discomfort, he also wrote:

Are they happy now?

Memories of BamBam on GOT7 tours. | Source: Instagram @bambam1a

BamBam received the support of his fans, who pointed out that it was good that he put a stop to those bad comments, but that did not prevent the idol from having an awkward moment.

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