BamBam repeats his feat with the best congratulations to Yugyeom

Today is Yugueom’s birthday and like the fans, BamBam took a moment to congratulate GOT7’s maknae, but he did it very much in his own way.

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The festive atmosphere took hold AHGASE, the group’s fans around the world have left good wishes, congratulations and even video edits to celebrate the idol. The members of GOT7 They have already said that their group chat is always active and that is how they usually congratulate each other when one of them has a birthday, all except for BamBam.

The thai rapper He has an incomparable sense of humor and we see him more and more active on social networks, chatting with fans, answering questions or simply making funny posts, but when a birthday is near he prepares the best for fun.

Thus it was now shown that Yugyeom He is turning 24, as BamBam shared hilarious photos in his honor that made fans laugh.

Yugyeom en la Insta-story of BamBam. | Source: Instagram @

BamBam has the best birthday greetings

This is not the first time that something like this has happened, every time his teammates GOT7 birthday he finds a way to congratulate them and have fun while stealing the looks of fans, so the members of this group already have a peculiar history with these messages.

Best of all, BamBam tends to pick up inside jokes from the group or from the fans when it comes to commemorating their teammates and that only adds points to their posts.

BamBam congratulating Youngjae and Jay B. | Source: Twitter @ BamBam1A Instagram @ bambam1a

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Yugyeom and BamBam, the friendship we all dream of

These idols have shared a large number of experiences with the rest of GOT7, but since they were both born in 1997, then the relationship between them is more special, as jokes are never lacking between them.

In addition, as the two boys have a fun and very jovial character, each of their interactions is unforgettable, since not even their group mates can avoid joining in their laughter for any reason.

We recently also told you about several K-Pop challenges of 2021 that made us dance with the idols and BamBam made his way on the list with riBBon, what other songs appear?

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