BamBam proves to be GOT7’s # 1 fan by reminiscing about his group

GOT7 decided to no longer be with JYP Entertainment and although everyone has been focused on their solo activities, this group is still active, this is how BamBam remembers his path with the band and lets us see how AHGASE is.

After serving 7 years as a JYP Entertainment group, GOT7 decided to leave this agency, all the members of the boy band decided to continue their journey together, but no longer with the same company; Since then they have been concentrating on solo projects.

As soloists, the members of GOT7 have had great success as they AHGASE continues to support each and every one of his songs; BamBam He has even managed to shine in awards that recognize all his talent and work in music.

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It was in January 2021 when GOT7 left JYP, a year has passed and everyone remembers its history and stages with great emotion, but especially BamBam has proven to be the fan #1 from his own band, AHGASE has one of his favorite idols among his ranks and it shows.

BamBam looks back on his moments with GOT7 proving to be the # 1 fan of his group

BamBam said that when he was bored during quarantine he got to see all music videos GOT7’s, from ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ to ‘Last Piece’, as well as also looking at some of their practices, this moved him and he thought about how much they grew up and how far they went together.

BamBam is the AHGASE # 1 of GOT7 | Twitter: @GOTMONSTALOOKS

BamBam really is the # 1 AHGASE, watching a lot of GOT7 videos and looking back on all their moments together as a group.

Will GOT7 have a comeback soon?

In another live broadcast, AHGASE asked BamBam about whether we will see GOT7 together this year, but the rapper just replied ‘Shh, don’t make me do this’, OMG.

  • BamBam en VLive | Twitter: @markscolors

Jaebeom He also said to expect something from GOT7 next January 16: 0 And BamBam said we would see it on the same date, will it be a live? Does the announcement of your comeback? Let the day come quickly to find out!

In others GOT7 news And also from BamBam, the idol has everything ready for his solo comeback and we have loved his teasers.

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