Balod News: Water dripping from the roof of Navnirman Anganwadi building

Gundardehi (Naiduniya News). Water is dripping from the roof of Navnirman Anganwadi building of Gram Panchayat Tavera, six kilometers away from Gundardehi block headquarters. Due to the poor construction of Anganwadi building, there has been a dampness in the roof and wall only due to light rain in the last few days.

The negligence of the officer has come to the fore in the works of MNREGA, due to lack of monitoring, water started dripping from the newly constructed building in six months. According to the information received from the villagers, the Anganwadi building was constructed by the Panchayat in Tavera village under MNREGA in March 2021 at a cost of Rs.6 lakh 45 thousand. The Anganwadi center is on the verge of becoming dilapidated even before it starts, due to poor construction of the building due to lack of monitoring of the engineer.

The video of water dripping in the wall and ceiling is becoming fiercely viral in the internet media. During the construction of the building, the building becomes dilapidated due to lack of water leveling while plastering. Water is dripping from the roof of the Anganwadi, there has been a dampness in the wall, in such a situation, the debris can fall down at any time, due to which there is a possibility of accident with small children studying in Anganwadi.

Villagers said that the construction agency’s pole has been exposed in the light rain in the past. The Anganwadi building has become dilapidated within six months due to poor construction. This Anganwadi building has been constructed on the guidance of the sarpanch and secretary of the building construction agency, Gram Panchayat, when the parents came to know about this matter, they are also hesitant to send their child to the Anganwadi center. He did not receive the phone when he contacted Radhe Charan Yadav, Panchayat Secretary of Gram Panchayat Tavera regarding the construction of a quality building. On contacting Gram Panchayat Sarpanch Dular Singh Narange regarding this whole matter, his phone network was told out of the area.

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