Balod News: Elephant baby found in unconscious condition ran towards the forest after treatment

Balod. Elephants have created a ruckus in Salhaitola, the dependent village of Khallari, a village panchayat bordering the Duban area, about 15 km from the district headquarters. The people of this area have once again come in panic due to the terror of wild elephants. People are trying to escape from the elephant. Wild elephants are roaming in the surrounding area and destroying the paddy crops planted by the farmers and the vegetable crops planted in the Badi. At the same time, information about a herd of elephants being around the forests of Khallari is coming to the fore. A villager told that he had heard the elephant’s voice last night. This morning, when we reached the field to harvest the paddy crop, the elephant baby was moving here and there in an injured state. After which he informed the villagers, on which the villagers informed the forest department. There is still information about the presence of a herd of elephants in the forest of Khallari. Due to which there is an atmosphere of panic among the villagers.

The entire team of forest department reached the spot

The entire team of forest department reached the spot and stopped the movement of villagers in the entire area. During this, officers and employees of Forest Department including CCF Shalini Raina were present. Along with this, a team of doctors has been called from Jungle Safari of Balod and Raipur for the treatment of elephant baby. Balod Veterinarian Dr. Sahare offered glucose bottles to the injured elephant baby. Along with this, medicine was given and jaggery was fed. The team of doctors supported to lift the baby elephant, after a lot of effort, the baby elephant stood up and started walking in the standing paddy crop. Due to the movement of the elephant, the villagers along with the officers and employees of the Forest Department present in the said place were seen running here and there for a while.

Farmers are worried due to crop failure

Farmers are worried about possible losses due to crop failure. There is a need to take meaningful steps in this direction. Elephants have made their den on the edge of the forest. By entering the fields in the evening, they are damaging the standing crops. The farmers have demanded compensation from the government. In the forested area across the district, a group of elephants is constantly roaming in the area. At the same time, villagers Umakant Sahu, Santram Yadav, Bhansingh Sahu, Nirmohit Badal of village Khallari informed that on Friday night, a group of elephants have come to Salhaitola while roaming and trampled the standing paddy crops, due to which the paddy crop was completely ruined. Whatever damage is being done, a Panchnama should be prepared after examining it and compensation should be given to the farmers. In view of the calamity of elephants in the surrounding villages in the area, the village has been declared closed. Caution has been called for. Farmers Haldhar Sahu, Paltu Ram Sahu, Santosh Sahu, Dhanendra Sahu told that as soon as the evening approaches, elephants are entering the field and damaging the standing crops.

Elephant baby found in injured condition

Umakant Sahu, a farmer of village Khallari, while discussing with Naiduniya told that Balkisun Yadav had gone to his farm in Salhaitola in the morning. When he went to the field, he saw that the paddy crop had been destroyed. At the same time, an elephant child was lying in an unconscious condition on the bank of the bund, which was informed to the villagers, after which the forest department was informed by the village chiefs, where the forest department staff reached the spot along with the doctor and treated the elephant. did. After regaining consciousness after seven to eight hours, he again went towards the nearby forest.

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