Balod News: BJP city president set an example of humanity

Balod (Naiduniya News). As soon as the names of the leaders come, different expressions start appearing on the faces of the people, but among these leaders also there are some people, due to which the chest of that political party swells with pride. BJP Mandal President of District Headquarters Suresh Nirmalkar also did some similar work. First fed a woman lying in the open sky outside the Sanjari Club Garden near Doodh Ganga, after which she took the initiative to solve her problem. Actually an unknown woman was lying on the bench in front of Dudhganga. On which BJP city president Suresh Nirmalkar got the eye. When asked whose name and address, he did not tell anything. After that Suresh Nirmalkar provided him food and shawl and kept him in the night shelter located at the bus stand.

On Thursday morning, RK Sharma informed the Secretary District Legal Services Authority, Balod Suman Singh, through phone, he informed the District and Sessions Judge Balod, Chairman, District Legal Services Authority Balod. Taking quick cognizance of this, the President sent the Paralegal Volunteers Latarani Dhivar and Nancy Netam to the shelter site and the woman was admitted to the District Hospital Balod for treatment, keeping in mind the seriousness of her mental condition, the doctors of the District Hospital sent her. Suggested to be taken to Bilaspur hospital.

In fulfillment of this objective, after completing all the court formalities through the authority by advocate Pankaj Rajput, that deranged woman was sent to the district hospital vehicle along with female constable to Sendri Mental Hospital, Bilaspur. Along with him, biscuits, fruits and water bottles were also provided to him by the District Legal Services Authority, Balod.

home brought food

In relation to the matter, Suresh Nirmalkar told that, he had gone out for a walk around 10 o’clock in the night. A woman was lying on a chair outside Sanjari Club near Doodh Ganga. Even after giving voice, the woman was not giving any answer. After that he brought food from his house. Tried to lift the woman by giving her voice. But no one answered. Then the station in-charge was informed about this. TI said that it is not possible to send Sakhi Center at night and see it in the morning. Now stay in a nearby Dharamshala or bus stand. After which he went home again and brought his wife Renuka Nirmalkar. When asked to eat, the woman got up and ate food. During this, a shawl was also given to the woman. During this Ajay Yadav, Ganesh Kelwani, Smt. Rekha Kelwani also came. He was then taken to the sheltered bus stand. Talking to Nayak, the municipal in-charge, arranged for the woman to stay overnight. After which the station in-charge was informed at 11 o’clock in the night to stop the woman at the shelter.

Everyone is praising this example of humanity

The Mandal President of BJP city has set an example of humanity, seeing a woman lying in the open sky while passing through the road, fed her food and took the initiative to solve her problem. Everyone is praising this example of humanity set by BJP leader Suresh Nirmalkar. This commendable work of his has given a new lesson to the people. So that seeing their working style, there is communication of humanity within the people.

District Legal Services Authority appealed

The purpose of District Legal Services Authority Balod is that if any person wants any kind of help. But is unable to get them, then the authority provides them with appropriate help. The problem of such neurotic people has become quite common. Which is also exploited a lot by anti-social elements. Therefore, the Legal Services Authority is always committed to help the helpless sections of the society on such matters.

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