Balenciaga caused a scandal by selling totally devastated sneakers…for more than 1000 euros!

It is sometimes difficult to understand some fashion trends and all the more so when you know their price. Lately it’s the brand Balenciaga, of which Kim Kardashian is the muse, which hit the headlines. Monday, May 9, the French luxury house put on sale sneakers totally destroy for an exorbitant sum. Called “Paris”, they look like two drops of water to old Converse at the end of their life. Except that these can cost up to 1450 euros, depending on the model.

Something to outrage more than one, including the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which spoke on Twitter this morning, Wednesday, May 11.“For some, shoes in this condition are the last rags before death. We don’t ape life on the streets, and even less at these indecent prices, whether we are Balenciaga or not”commented the Foundation.

The irony of this new Balenciaga line? The most expensive pair is the most devastated, the least expensive is 495 euros. To justify itself, the brand whose influencers are fans, explains that “Paris Sneakers are made to be worn for life” in a press release. While they already seem to be at the end of their life, it would be more of a publicity stunt than a creative feat…

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