Baking contest winner Sæþór Kristínsson: Many people misunderstand me

Spontaneity is not Sæþór Kristínsson’s thing – at all.

“If I need something on Saturday, I need to know it on Monday,” he says.

That was certainly not the impression one got when, in ‘The Great Baking Contest’, he repeatedly impressed the judges in the secret challenge. We will return to that. First, the winner must put words to himself:

‘I am very introverted as a person. I have to feel safe and secure in a company before I can be myself, “says Sæþór Kristínsson.

Sæþór Kristínsson, winner of the big baking competition 2021.

Sæþór Kristínsson, winner of the big baking competition 2021.
Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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“If the energy in a company is not right for me, I become reluctant. If people fill a lot in a company, I do not fill that much. If they talk about something I do not feel I can talk about, then I do not participate in the conversation. “

It is not a deliberate act, but is often interpreted as such:

‘People think I am withdrawn or maybe arrogant. I’ve always struggled with people thinking I did not bother them. But it is a misunderstanding of introverted people. “

For Sæþór Kristínsson, introversion means that it requires a lot of energy and drains him of energy if he is with many people or surrounded by loud noises.

Some of the worst he knows is when the whole family is going to Bilka.

“I prefer to shop alone and with music in my ears, because then I can shut people out… It sounds completely autistic when I say that,” he laughs.

“But I know everything. I just have to be prepared for it so I can recharge before. “

When you feel this way, it must be a challenge to be friends with Thomas Evers Poulsen. The baking contest winner and dancer, have been lovers for six years and lived together for four of them. They fully live up to the motto that opposites meet:

For six years, Thomas Evers Poulsen and Sæpor Kristsson have been lovers.  Instagram photo.

For six years, Thomas Evers Poulsen and Sæpor Kristsson have been lovers. Instagram photo.

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“Thomas is very extroverted and gets energy from being with people. It’s still hard for him to understand when I can not see that we are going out. “

It can create misunderstandings:

“Once he thought it was nonsense when I wanted to go home from a party, but he has become better at saying, ‘We can do that,’ even though he himself wants to stay.”

The couple is constantly getting better at understanding each other and providing the space needed.

“But sometimes it’s better that I refuse to go if I do not have a surplus than that I ruin the evening for myself and Thomas.”

30 years.
Works as an accounting assistant, but is training in financial and resource management.
Lives with dancer Thomas Evers Poulsen and daughter Gloria, who he has from a previous relationship.
Winner of ‘The Great Baking Contest’ 2021.

It’s certainly not because Sæþór Kristínsson does not like people or company, he just has to charge up for it.

He does this, for example, when he is in the gym early in the morning. Then he has music or a podcast in his ears and is 100 percent himself.

He started training when his daughter Gloria was very young. At that time, he rolled around with the pram and saw the other fathers standing with their backs to their backs.

“I thought, this is not how I should look. That’s why I started training with weights. “

But he discovered that in addition to a strong body, it also gave him peace of mind. Today, training is indispensable.

When he does not get trained or gets the necessary preparation time before he goes out, he can feel it – physically.

“Then my body trembles and I get irritated,” he says.

It feels like a hypersensitivity, where even the slightest sound or the mildest touch can hurt.

“If I’m full of impressions, I can hardly have my daughter wanting to give me a hug, just the fact that she’s touching me is too much.”

He explains to her that there is nothing wrong with her or what she is doing. It’s a feeling inside him – it’s just ‘the way he is’.

Back to ‘The big baking contest’, where Sæþór Kristínsson was tested week after week on spontaneity in a stowed full tent. And one time after another, he excelled in ‘The Secret Challenge’.

How could he be comfortable there? His own explanation is simple:

“I felt completely safe in the tent. I made something I liked and that I thought was fun. That’s why I could relax and be myself. “

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