‘Baking competition’ judge divorced and withdrew from joint venture: ‘I want something completely different’

At the end of last year, ‘Den store bagedyst’ judge Katrine Foged Thomsen got divorced.

She and her childhood sweetheart Rasmus Søndergaard Hansen broke up, she moved from their shared home in Søborg and into her own apartment in Brønshøj, and eventually she also resigned from their joint patisserie chain Grannys House.

And today, Katrine Foged Thomsen is still getting used to her new life, finding herself and figuring out what she should spend her time on, she says in the latest edition of Everything for the ladies.

Because with the farewell to the confectionery chain Grannys House, she has instead had time to stop and take stock.

“In recent years, I have withdrawn more and more from it because there was the divorce and it all just didn’t go so well. So now he runs it, while I have to do something completely different. I have made a U-turn,’ says Katrine Foged Thomsen.

Grannys House on Gladsaxevej in Søborg has collected four sour smileys in just one year. Photo: Google Street View

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The ‘Bagedyst’ judge is therefore taking a well-deserved break, where it is neither the family nor the career that is the focus – but finding himself outside of it.

She and her ex-husband founded the confectionery chain Grannys House together 14 years ago, but at the end of the year Katrine Foged Thomsen resigned from the board.

Today, Rasmus Søndergaard Gansen is the sole director, but unfortunately the confectionary chain has had several cases with police reports from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Katrine Foged Thomsen and Rasmus Søndergaard Gansen have daughters Ida aged 19 and Agnes aged 17 together.

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