BAKERS | The safari type cake How did it all turn out? Discover it here

Marilyn Eyebrows

In this first chapter of Pastry Chefs, the participants had the challenge of making a safari birthday cake.

Two participants, Jessica Galeano and Isabella Villareal, faced this challenge with great enthusiasm and determination.

Guest pastry chefs

And as every challenge must have someone to evaluate it, for this, the chefs Anabellys Bonacia and Yorlenis Reyes accompanied us.

Secret ingredient

To begin, both participants were explained that they had to get the key to find out the secret ingredient.

After several efforts, they were able to open the box and find it (raisins).

Let’s do it

Both participants received the help of the pastry chefs while making the cake.

After an hour and a half, Jessica and Isabella presented their safari-themed cakes to the jury.


Evaluation Who wins?

After the chefs evaluated, now it’s up to the public, with the battle of the #IsabellaTeConviene and #JessicaTeConviene through the Telemetro Instagram account.

The winner of this first program will be announced on Monday, November 21.

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