‘Bagedyst’-Klaus gave up life as an actor: ‘It’s a tough industry which is not for everyone’

Something new had to happen in Klaus Andersen’s life when he turned 40. Something crazy. Something unexpected.

The relationship with boyfriend Thomas went well, and the work as a business analyst in Tryg Forsikring’s digitization department went smoothly.

It was time to get out of the comfort zone, Klaus Andersen thought, who therefore signed up for ‘The Great Baking Contest’, where it turned out that he had gone and hidden a great, but hidden talent.

“I started baking during the shutdown because I was bored. I started with sourdough like so many others, and then I thought that maybe I could also make these nice cakes that people post on Instagram,’ says Klaus Andersen.

Klaus Andersen had never baked before the corona shutdown and boredom got him started.
Photo: Carsten Mol

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And he could.

In fact, so well that he not only made it through the eye of the needle for the casting on the DR program, but also won the master baker’s apron in the first episode of the season.

But this is not the first time that this week’s master baker has chosen a new direction in his life.

The 40-year-old ‘Bagedyst’ participant originally trained as a musical actor from the Danish Musical Academy in 2005. Here he has been part of the ensemble in both ‘Sommer i Tyrol’ at Nørrebro’s Theater and ‘Atlantis’, which toured Denmark. before going to Germany for a few years and doing shows on cruise ships.

But life as a musical actor did not suit his personality, and after 7-8 years he had to admit that he needed something else with his life.

“It’s a tough industry, where the permanent jobs don’t hang on the trees, and you have to have some sharp elbows if you want to make it. It was fun in my 20s, but when I turned 30, I had other needs,’ he says.

“Now I had lived my dream, and then something else had to happen. I suddenly had a different lifestyle, and now I just wanted to have an 8 to 16 job and earn some more money.’

Today, he can ask himself why he didn’t just go straight to university and get a ‘real job instead of going the creative route’, as he says.

Here you can see all of this year's participants in 'The Great Baking Contest'.

Here you can see all of this year’s participants in ‘The Great Baking Contest’.
Photo: Carsten Mol

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Because even though showbiz is an unattainable dream for many, the industry is not for everyone. And you have to be honest about that, believes Klaus Andersen, who is tired of people always meeting him with wondering looks when he talks about his switch from entertainment to the IT industry.

“Because nobody asks the former carpenter why he changed his profession and became an engineer. Why is it only interesting when you switch from the theater industry? It actually annoys me quite a lot,’ he says.

“The answer is that I no longer had to. So I turn it around and say it’s because I’m good at a lot and need more things. Alongside my job, for example, I get my creativity out by teaching fitness, yoga and pilates. And then I obviously also found a new way to be creative through baking,’ says the new ‘Bagedyst’ star.

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