Bagárová and Muradov: A SECRET DEPARTURE?

After a grand return, it all looked fabulous, and everyone was waiting impatiently for Bagars the ring flashes on your hand! At the same time, they both spoiled plans for another child, and Monika also stated that she would like another child in her thirties. But now there is silence on the path and plans are starting to fall short.

Pregnant Bagárová: She doesn’t know her mother-in-law yet, she will show up with her baby!

About a month ago, the famous MMA wrestler surprised by saying that he would not get married. “I don’t need to get married just to take Monika as my wife. I love her, I like our little daughter, nothing will change. I would rather give the money the wedding to the children from the orphanage, “ he declared.

Now Bagárová has taken back. “Are you planning another baby?” one of the followers asked her on Instagram – and Monika replied without hesitation that it was definitely not planned, maybe one more. With Mach, without Mach … not a word was said about it. Even his name did not appear in the list of things that make Bagar happy. What is behind such a sharp turn? Should we wait for another announcement of the relationship failure?

Pregnant Bagárová: She talked about complications in pregnancy!

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