Bad weather: the Red Cross redistributed 26 million euros to help flood victims

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An action plan for eight months, until April 2022, was established in October on the basis of the sums collected.

For the time being, 4.7 million euros have been used, in collaboration with the 38 most affected municipalities, for direct material aid to the victims (radiators, dehumidifiers, modular housing, etc.).

In addition, the Red Cross donated 6 million euros to financially support the most vulnerable disaster victims. A donation of 650 euros per household must be distributed to more than 10,000 people in collaboration with the CPAS of the municipalities concerned, for a planned amount of 11 million euros in total.

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With 5.2 million committed, the Red Cross has already exceeded the initial budget of 5 million euros dedicated to food aid. Since July, nearly 500,000 meals have been provided and 6,000 are still distributed daily by volunteers.

In addition, 3.5 million were used to relocate and allow the return home of disaster victims. Five accommodation centers with a total capacity of 500 places were thus financed, as well as the purchase of furniture, household appliances or materials to help residents resettle.

The Red Cross has also redistributed 1.2 million euros in educational aid to support 8,000 pupils in primary and secondary schools affected by the floods. Via this amount, schools were able to buy equipment, offer excursions or hot meals in the canteen.

Finally, 5.4 million euros (i.e. more than the 4 million planned) were devoted to basic aid, psychosocial aid, reception points (for administrative aid, in particular) and to logistic.

“Given the scale of the needs, not everything will have been resolved at the end of our action plan. But, by April 2022, tens of thousands of people will have been helped throughout the disaster area ”, rejoices Pierre Hublet, managing director of the Belgian Red Cross. “Efficient management and careful monitoring of each project ensures the good continuity of the plan established in total transparency,” he concludes.

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