Bad surprise for Noémie, who found her cat injured by a pellet rifle in Frameries: “Someone is having fun shooting… you have to be crazy”

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Bad surprise for Noémie Verstraeten a few days ago. While visiting her in-laws, the young woman wanted to spend time with Mia, the family cat. “We actually lived there for a long time with my partner, so I consider Mia to be my cat,” she says.

Noémie finds out while stroking Mia that she has a sore between her shoulder blades. “As I parted the hairs, I felt that there was a significant hollow. “

➜ Noémie decides to go to the vet: “I think the cat’s head was targeted seen the trajectory “

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➜ “This means that someone is having fun shooting cats with a rifle, you have to be really crazy”: she testifies.

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