Bad surprise for Amin: he is asked for 214 euros for a sock stuck in his washing machine, “at that price, I feel ripped off, robbed”

Bad surprise for Amin, a resident of the Brussels region, who asked Whirlpool to repair his washing machine, which is still under warranty. The brand claimed 214 euros from him after the repairs when he imagined they would be free.

Indeed, after a call made to the after-sales service, a technician went to his home: “He lifted the machine, he opened a pipe underneath and found the sock. It lasted three minutes,” he told RTL INFO. “When the technician finished, he told me that I would have a bill of €214,” he continues. But Amin didn’t expect to pay anything since his washing machine was still under warranty. The man also complains that he was not informed of the cost of the repairs.

“At that price, I feel ripped off, robbed”

The technician explained to him that this type of breakdown “did not come under the guarantee” because it could have been avoided. For Whirlpool, the failure was caused by a user error and the notice indicates that “small parts must be placed in a net”. ”
If he had told me what the problem was, I would have done it myself. At that price, I feel ripped off, robbed, ”he continues.

The Brussels resident tried to make a complaint, in vain: “I spoke to an aggressive employee, who did not want to hear anything and who hung up on me”.

Contacted by RTL INFO, Test Achats advised Amin to lodge a complaint with the company and the consumer mediation service, pointing out that he had not been made aware that the repair would be chargeable. ”
I trusted this great brand, but I won’t be buying their devices again,” concludes Amin.

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