Bad luck of the day: Peter (66) from Balen breaks hip on the way to a Red Devils match

Peter Wynants had imagined his trip to the World Cup differently. © rr

Dentist Peter Wynants (66) from Balen is disappointed. He traveled all the way to the World Cup to watch the Red Devils’ first match… in the hospital. On his way to Doha, he stumbled into Dubai airport. Result: a hip fracture and an operation. “I hope to be able to follow Sunday’s match from a wheelchair in the stadium,” he says.

Thierry Goeman

Peter Wynants and his wife are not staying in Qatar, but in Dubai. From there they always fly to the matches of the Belgians. That was the intention anyway. Because Wednesday morning things went wrong. “On my way to the gates I tripped in the airport. I fell on my left knee and thigh and immediately felt that something was wrong”, says the dentist from his sickbed.

First it went to an aid station at the airport. From there to a hospital near their hotel. The radiography left no doubt about it. The hip is broken.

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“We had taken out travel insurance with Europe Assistance before leaving, but according to the doctors it would be too dangerous to be repatriated like this. I’m having surgery here. They will place a partial denture on Thursday or Friday. I have every confidence in the doctors here,” he says.


The operation would be done under partial anesthesia and if all goes well, he could leave the hospital after just one or two days. “I hope to be able to attend the next matches in a wheelchair. That is to say, in the stadium”, says Wynants, who does not lose heart.

However, as if he wasn’t unlucky enough already, he can’t watch the game against Canada on TV either. “In the hospital there is not a single channel that broadcasts the match,” he sighs.

The Red Devils supporter from Balen, but with a dental practice in Mol, has booked a ticket formula up to the final. “Hopefully I can still see some matches live,” he says.

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