Backstage at Camarote Rio Praia: Giovanna Coimbra, actress from ‘Genesis’, reveals an invitation to Sapucaí

US backstage at the Rio Praia Box, an event that brought together several celebrities this Tuesday night (23), Giovanna Coimbra, the actress responsible for bringing Dina to life in “Genesis”, spoke with the team at PurePeople about future projects and about the invitations you have received for Carnival 2022.

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“There are some projects in progress, but they are still in progress”, joked the actress, who got married in the final stretch of the novel to the character Namael (Victor Sparapane). “There are also personal projects, projects involved with some friends, which should come out soon,” he added.

About Carnival, Coimbra guaranteed that he is a card-carrying fan of the avenue. The artist has already been present at Sapucaí, when she received invitations to box seats, but this time she should be in a parade. “I love Carnival, you have no idea“he confessed.

Giovanna Coimbra says she received two invitations to parade at the 2022 Carnival

In conversation, the carioca, who was accompanied by her boyfriend, let slip that she intends to sing the samba in the parade, and not in the audience. That’s because Giovanna received not just one, but two invitations from associations, both from Rio de Janeiro, the city where he lives.

“It’s in my plans parade in a school, but I’m between two. And then I can see how it’s going to be. It seems that there are all these phases of transitions, nothing is 100% certain yet”, she added. Next, she gave some clues as to which associations would be: “If everything works out, it will be in one that I love it with passion, I even paraded when I was little“he revealed.

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