Back to SIC! Fátima Lopes accused by followers: “What did you go to Goucha to do? To lie!”

“Fátima Lopes is back on SIC” is the news this Tuesday. The presenter returns to the “home that saw her being born” as she explains in her talk about this new challenge and the much-desired return to the screen.

“I am very happy for the return to the home that saw me born. It was at SIC that I became a presenter and where I grew up as a professional.”, the presenter writes in the sharing she made on the social network Instagram.

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Fátima Lopes returns for new projects on the Paço D’Arcos channel, having already announced her first job: “Conducting the 1st Gala dos Sonhos of the Sara Carreira Association. I start over excited, full of desire to embrace new challenges and happy to be part of the celebration of SIC’s 30th anniversary. I will work with a team I know well and mutual trust leaves us particularly happy with the projects we have been thinking about”, can read.

Despite the return very cherished by the audience and friends of the presenter, there were, however, those who did not understand this ‘sudden’ hiring, and there are those who accuse the presenter that, last week, when she was on Manuel Luís Goucha’s TVI program, she lied about the subject:

” What did he do to Goucha? Advertising yourself is not it? Anyway, what a disappointment…”, ” I am disappointed. Not for going to SIC! But for having lied live to thousands of Portuguese people who like you”, it can be read in the post’s comments box.

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It should be recalled that, in an interview with Manuel Luís Goucha, Fátima Lopes spoke about her departure from TVI and the time she decided to leave the station, revealing that her decision was “very thoughtful, very thoughtful”, however he never assumed not to return to television.

The presenter revealed that at the time of her departure she had many invitations from other stations, but that she didn’t like them all and declined because none of the projects motivated her: “I knew there was going to be… (invitations from other stations) obviously and there have been several, I knew there was going to be. I know the value I have on TV… the projects at the time didn’t interest me and I said I’m going to continue and when something comes up that makes sense to me I’ll come back”.

You can review the moment here.

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