bachelors village ranchi ground report: kunwaron ka ganv yaha shadi se darte hain ladki vale nahi byahna chahte apni beti

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Exclusive: The youth here are forced to remain single, do not want to give their daughter, know what is the reason

Ravi Sinha, Ranchi
Seeing this village surrounded by forest and mountains, you can guess that it will be part of some remote rural area. But it is not so at all. This picture is of Katribeda village of Kanke block, about 25 km from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Even after 74 years of independence, the contact of this village is cut off from other parts of the state during the rainy season. This is because there is no bridge and road to reach the village on the river flowing in the middle. Due to which people shy away from even marrying their daughter in this village.

When sick, one has to walk for 5 kilometers in the cot.


This river flowing tomorrow may be life-giving for the village of Kataribeda, but on many occasions it becomes a big problem for the people. This happens when someone falls ill. Due to lack of road or bridge, often lying in cots and covering about 5 km. People walk to the main road. Then from there they can get the facility of ambulance or any other vehicle.

Villagers expressed their pain

When the correspondents of NBT Online arrived in the village, a father was preparing to take his little sick child in his lap to the health center located in Pithoria nearby. He said that due to lack of road and bridge in the village, it is very difficult to cross the river. The patient is transported to the main road in some way in a cot or by bike and other means. Not only this, due to this people in this village shy away from even marrying their daughter.

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Kataribeda village opens the door to full ODF


Even though it is claimed by the central and state government that Jharkhand has become completely ODF (Open Defecation Free), but this unfinished structure of toilet construction will be enough to tell that the people of the state are still out in the open. forced to defecate. Villagers say that about 3 years ago they were promised to construct toilets, but it has not been completed yet.

The claim of giving benefits of PM Awas Yojana is proving hollow here


On behalf of the government, every poor family is also assured to provide pucca house under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. However, the woman standing outside this mud house says that due to financial difficulties most of the people of the village are living their life under similar roof.

Know the truth about the claim of LPG connection to every household

It is also claimed by the government that under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, cooking gas connection has been made available in every house. In recent times, the scheme of providing stove has also been started by the Prime Minister. But this old lady going towards the house with a bundle of wood on her forehead also exposes this claim of the government. Village women say that in this village with a population of about 1500, all the people are forced to cook food on the wood stove except a few houses.

Youth are forced to cross the river to Ranchi for employment

Through other schemes including MNREGA Birsa Krishi Vikas Yojana, it is claimed by the government to provide employment in every village, but the villagers say that no such scheme is running in the village so that they can get employment in the village itself. So to receive. In search of employment, they have to cross the river on foot every day and walk 5 kilometers to the main road. Then from there he catches a bus or an auto and goes to Ranchi and he gets daily wage work.

Here a large population is dependent on agriculture.

The economic system of this village is dependent only on agriculture. However, now some people are trying to earn their living by doing animal husbandry and goat rearing. People use goat farming as an ATM, whenever they need money, they go to the market and sell it to fulfill their needs.

People are afraid to marry their daughter in this village, see ground report

Exclusive: People are afraid to marry their daughter in this village, see ground report

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