"Bachelor"- Winner Mimi: "Bachelor"-Winner Mimi reveals details about her reunion with Niko Griesert

“Bachelor”- Winner Mimi
She reveals details about her reunion with Niko Griesert

Michelle “Mimi” Gwozdz

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Mimi Gwozdz was from “Bachelor” Niko Griesert dumped ice cold after the last rose. Do the two still have something to say to each other today? the “Bachelor in Paradise”-Participant clarifies.

This “Bachelor”- Season remains unforgotten! Michelle “Mimi” Gwozdz, 28, courted the heart of bachelor Niko Griesert, 32, in 2021. In fact, she received the last rose and won the dome show – but not the heart of the “bachelors”. As revealed on the reunion show, the two didn’t become a couple after the show. The IT project manager opted instead for the runner-up Michèle de Roos, 29. But this love didn’t last either: After more than a year of relationship, the two go their separate ways again.

Mimi Gwozdz: New chance at “Bachelor in Paradise”

While Michele and Niko are officially single, Mimi is trying her luck again “Bachelor”-Environment: The office clerk is a participant of this year’s “Bachelor in Paradise”-Series.

She seems to be over Niko. In the dome show, which is shown on RTL +, she is back in touch with her ex Yannick. Old feelings flare up between the two. “We never really figured out what was wrong. Then we just gave up”, gave Mimi to understand the former love affair. Maybe this time the 28-year-old will experience the happy ending that Niko couldn’t give her.

Mimi and Niko: How is the relationship between them today?

How is the dumped today to Osnabrück? She said that in an interview with “derwesten.de” reveal and find clear words. “For me, the matter is over and the man has no relevance in my life”, emphasizes Mimi. After Niko decided against the winner, contact broke off. From time to time, however, the dome show participants meet in Cologne. But neither of them have warm words for each other.

Niko Griesert and Mimi Gwozdz


“In fact, we’ve now met two or three times in Cologne or were invited to the same events. But then I’m ignored”, says Mimi. The encounter with her ex-competitor Michèle de Roos is completely different. Mimi won’t ignore them. “But we probably won’t be friends in this life either”adds the reality TV contestant.

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