Baby Yoda, Goku, Pikachu and more: the characters who made it to the 2021 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York

November 25 is known in the United States and Canada as the Thanksgiving Day, due to the commemoration of the harvest festival celebrated by Native Americans and Pilgrims in 1621, after the English sailed on the Mayflower and founded the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts. This year its iconic balloon parade returned and here we show you the most important.

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The Coronavirus pandemic was responsible for this famous event not being held in New York City in 2020, so its return was highly anticipated as it already had an almost unrestricted population after the vaccination campaigns. Is about a 4-kilometer parade through the streets of Manhattan with floats, bands, cheerleaders and the iconic helium balloons of various characters.

+ Characters in the 2021 Thanksgiving Parade

The most celebrated on social media was Baby Yoda O Yellow, as is his real name. This little guy has captivated the world since he appeared on the series The Mandalorian of the universe Star Wars by having an appearance similar to that of Yoda, the mighty Jedi who taught Luke Skywalker. His balloon could not be missing and this is how he saw himself in the parade.

The anime was also present at the holiday with two of the characters most loved by fans: Goku, central figure of Dragon Ball, and Pikachu of Pokémon. Of course, the parade is made up of more characters and little by little they were arriving SpongeBob, Sonic, Disney princesses, Papa Smurf, A Boss in diapers, Paw Patrol and even Blue’s Clues With the presence of Joe, Josh y Steve.

Helium balloons are just one part of the 95th Thanksgiving Parade in New YorkIn addition, there will be 28 floats, about 800 clowns, about 10 musical bands, 9 acting groups and Santa Claus, who clearly cannot be absent on this date.

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