Baby receives 20 times recommended dose of TB vaccine

It is a medical error which has not left any sequelae for the moment, but which nevertheless resulted in a complaint. According to an article published on July 11 by The uniona 3-month-old baby would have received 20 times the recommended dose of the tuberculosis vaccine.

“The doctor welcomed me, she declined the advantages of the BCG vaccine. She also reassured me about the possible side effects. A standard medical procedure, I imagine, when administering a vaccine. She sucked up all the product from the vial, pricked Haïya’s arm, and injected the entire contents of the syringe“, says Inès Telaidg, the mother of the little girl.

The doctor soon realized that she had administered 1ml of vaccine instead of the recommended 0.05ml. After contacting the nearest emergency department, she provided Haïya’s parents with a overdose certificate and a note explaining his fault. Unfortunately, the exact quantity injected could not be confirmed by the emergency physicians and no treatment was prescribed.

The baby under supervision

Three weeks after the incident, little Haiya seems in good health. But experts have said that possible side effects may soon present themselves. Thus, Inès and her husband ensure the well-being of their child. “The general practitioner informed me of the presence of lymph nodes. Haïya has had a sore arm for a few days. We must monitor the site of the injection and check whether an abscess is not forming.”

Following this error, HaÏya’s parents chose to file a complaint against the doctor.

The BCG vaccine, for “Bilié de Calmette et Guérin”, acts againsttuberculosis. In France, there is no more obligatory since 2007 but it remains strongly recommended for children living in Île-de-France, Guyana or Mayotte, those living in underprivileged social conditions or those with a family history of tuberculosis.

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