Baby number two: Anna Maria Damm is pregnant again!

Great news from Anna Maria Damm (26)! In the summer, the former GNTM candidate was initially happy for her sister Katharina Damm: Kat and her husband Leonardo became parents for the first time in July. The two welcomed their little daughter Lorena into the world. Now follow the next baby news from the family: Anna Maria is pregnant again and expecting her second child!

This sweet news proclaimed ann Maria now proud of hers Instagram-Profile. She posted a snap of herself posing with her lover Julian and her daughter Eliana – and she’s already showing off her baby bump. “Our family is growing”, announced the mother-of-two-to-be and also emphasized: “We still can’t do it.” She also decorated her post with a baby emoji, among other things.

But not only the parents-to-be are totally excited about this news – too ann Maria’s fans and friends are totally blown away! “I’m so happy, yay!”, commented the influencer Jannik Stutzenberger, for example. And Ana Johnson (29) also left her congratulations: “Oh my God, congratulations.”

Instagram / annamariadamm

Julian Gutjahr and Anna Maria Damm in July 2021

Instagram / annamariadamm

Anna Maria Damm, her daughter Eliana and her partner Julian Gutjahr

Instagram / annamariadamm

Anna Maria Damm in April 2021

Do you think Anna Maria will reveal the baby’s gender soon?

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