Baby Archie Battersbee brain dead: High Court rejects parents’ request to transfer child to hospice

Considered brain dead by doctors, Archie Battersbee has been kept in a coma in a London hospital since April. After unsuccessfully trying to prevent doctors from stopping treatment through the High Court in London and the European Court of Human Rights, the child’s parents petitioned the High Court on Thursday to London to have the child transferred to a palliative care facility so that he can die “with dignity” in the private family setting. A request rejected this Friday.

A risky transfer according to the doctors since the child’s condition was too unstable and that an ambulance transfer “would most likely accelerate the deterioration that the family wishes to avoid, even if the intensive care equipment and staff are complete” during this transfer.

According to British media, the family has until 3 p.m. Belgian time to appeal to the Court of Appeal, otherwise the treatment will be stopped. The family have said they will appeal, according to ITV.

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