Ayem Nour: always "stuck in morocco" with his son, Matthieu Delormeau gives his news in "TPMP People"

Since November 15, the case has been making headlines! Vincent Miclet, ex-husband of Ayem Nour, openly accuses the latter from his Instagram account of having kidnapped their child, little Ayvin, 6 years old. “Monday morning, after dropping my son off at American school, his mother Ayem Nour in complicity with his mother Farida took him away from school without my consent, explained the Franco-Beninese businessman. And to add:Until the time I speak to you, we have no news from Ayvin. A complaint has been lodged with the Moroccan authorities. My son is on Moroccan soil but I don’t know where…”, explaining that he had filed a complaint and asking his subscribers for help. “Anyone who can see or locate him, please let me know. Thank you,” added the wealthy businessman. The next day, the columnist of “TPMP People” wanted to give her version of the facts as part of the program via an audio message: “He is a man of power as he likes to say, to whom no one tells not no and to whom nothing is refused”.

“She is down financially, her only source of income is her pension”

For his part, Vincent Miclet persists on his Instagram in making heavy accusations against his ex-companion, in particular by relaying a message which comes to support him: “She has just kidnapped her son and has completely disappeared in Marrakech since that Vincent Miclet has decided to cut her small pension of 5,000 euros with which she pays her debts and her country house. As you all know, she is down financially, her only source of income is her pension,” reads one of Ayvin’s father’s stories. The situation between the two exes, who separated in 2016, seems to have seriously degenerated! This Saturday, November 19, Matthieu Delormeau held, at the start of the program, gave some information on the situation of the columnist: “I hope she will come back very soon, you know we talked about it in TPMP. For now she is stuck in Morocco with her son. I obviously think especially of his son, it’s very hard what is happening to him. She is stuck in Morocco and as soon as the situation is unblocked, we hope she will come back very quickly”, explained his former sidekick on NRJ 12. . Visibly embarrassed, he added: “I hope she can look at us, we give her a very, very big kiss”, by way of conclusions… A case to follow.

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