AXA will no longer fully index high salaries: unions oppose it

AXA will no longer index salaries beyond 5,400 euros gross. The unions do not agree, but the management replies that there is nothing illegal.

According to the director of human resources, Els Jans, a collective labor agreement provides, for the insurance sector, that the scales are automatically indexed. But Axa pays more than these scales. “It had become a habit to fully index salaries and so we were doing more than what was foreseen in the CTC.”

The subject was discussed at length with the unions, without reaching an agreement. Finally, Axa decided unilaterally to adapt the indexation of the highest salaries. The measure will affect around a quarter of the staff, estimated in Belgium at 3,200 employees.

Mrs. Jans cannot yet say what this measure will allow as savings. According to the representative of the ACV/CSC, Vic Van Kerrebroeck, the financial impact for the workers concerned will be limited next year. “But in the long term, it could amount to hundreds or thousands of euros.”

Management has not extended another CCT on the bonuses granted if specific objectives are achieved. “But we have raised the monthly telework allowance from 30 to 90 euros. We intend to continue to guarantee the purchasing power of our employees”, defends the HRM.

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