Avengers Infinity War: Thanos’ snap deemed impossible by scientists

The power of Thanos’ snap in Avengers Infinity War didn’t just bother MCU fans. A research group formed by professors and students from the Georgia Institute of Technology has indeed looked into the subject. The team of scientists are closely interested in the mechanism of finger snapping, a movement little studied and unique in humans. Inspired by Avengers Infinity War and the Mad Titan, they decided to focus on the famous snap taking into account the presence of the Infinity Gauntlet. Their verdict is in: Thanos shouldn’t be able to snap his fingers!

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Thanos in Avengers Infinity War – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

When you snap your fingers, the speed and ease of movement are due to the friction between the fingers. This friction must be rather moderate, neither too strong, nor not important enough. In Thanos’ case, another element comes into play: the Infinity Gauntlet. Composed of a thick metal, it increases the friction between the fingers and complicates their movements, which should logically make the snap more difficult to perform, if not impossible. However, we have seen it in Avengers Infinity War, the Mad Titan has no problem making this little movement that has changed absolutely everything in the MCU.

If we start to point the finger at what is scientifically impossible in Marvel Studios films, the list of inconsistencies would be endless and would completely call into question certain events like the snap. It is nonetheless interesting that researchers are using the world of superheroes and science fiction as inspiration. Certain technologies that are introduced there could indeed have practical applications once their mystery has been unraveled. On the other hand, Thanos could reappear in the MCU after his brother’s introduction in The Eternals.

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