Avatar: The Water Way, a new teaser reveals the release of the final trailer

Apparently the final trailer for Avatar: The Waterway is very close; to confirm its release we have a new teaser.

There’s a lot of talk these days about Avatar: The Way of Waterand while we wait for new information on the film, a new teaser anticipates the evening release of final trailer of James Cameron’s film.

Between interviews, curiosities, previews and various speculations, the release of Avatar: The Waterway is getting closer and with it the curiosity of fans from all over the world regarding this sequel also increases. Today the Avatar You Tube channel shared a very short teaser to signal that the long-awaited final trailer of the film will be released during Monday Night Football.

Avatar: The Waterway, James Cameron analyzes 4 images providing insights and anticipations

The plot of Avatar: The Waterway takes place about 13 years after the events we witnessed in the first chapter, focusing on the events of Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldañda committed to keeping their family safe from some dangers still unspecified.So they will find themselves dealing with a totally new area of ​​​​Pandora, in their escape, in which the marine element is very central within the lives of its inhabitants.The film’s release in cinemas was confirmed at December 14th.

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