Avatar: The Water Street gets the third highest grossing ever on New Year’s weekend in the US

The film Avatar: Running Water is continuing to perform well at the box office, posting its third-best New Year’s weekend result ever in the US.

Avatar: The Way of Water managed to achieve record takings even on the day of New Year’sJames Cameron-directed sequel added another $24 million to its total,
The figures obtained from the second chapter of the adventures set on Pandora are not up to the records established years ago by the debut of the story on the big screen, but they are equally very positive considering the obstacles it faces at the box office, between problems related to the pandemic in many countries and weather conditions not particularly suitable to convince potential viewers to leave their homes in many American states.

Avatar: Running Water grossed $24 million on New Year’s Eve. The figure places the James Cameron-directed sequel only behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which reached $34.3 million in the same time period, and Avatar, which had reached $25.2 million.

The only film, after the outbreak of the pandemic, to touch these record figures was Spider-Man: No Way Home with 23.1 million dollars.

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Avatar – The Water Way: an image from the film

Repeating the feat accomplished by Avatar, currently the film with the highest worldwide box office receipts ever, seems almost impossible, however the second chapter of the story conceived by James Cameron has already grossed 700 million internationally and 400 million in North America.

However, the producers hope that the feature film will follow the example of the first chapter of the story, whose extended stay in theaters contributed significantly to achieving the box office record. Furthermore, Disney has invested in the saga also considering the potential earnings linked to merchandise, collateral projects and thematic areas created in its parks inspired by Avatar.

The positive results then fuel the belief that viewers will also show the same interest in Avatar 3, whose shooting has already concluded.

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