‘Avatar: The Legend of Aang’ will become a live-action series on Netflix; Check out the news!

The filming of the series live-action ‘Avatar: A Lenda de Aang’ finally started.

The good news has been announced by Netflix, which will launch the production, and were accompanied by the first backstage photo of the cast and creative team.

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The adaptation will be starring young people Gordon Cormier (Aang), Kiawentiio Tarbell (Katara) e Ian Ousley (Socks). Daniel Dae Kim (‘Lost’) will give life to Fire Lord Ozai, while Dallas Liu will be Prince Zuko.

Previously, the screenwriter and showrunner Albert Kim explained to Comicbook.com why he became interested in adapting the animation for TV.

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Kim said he became addicted to animation when his daughter insisted he watch it during the original screening on Nickelodeon.

Since that time, he felt that the cartoon had the potential to become a major live-action production.

In addition, he realized that he could tell stories that were between the lines of the original material, answering questions that remained in fans’ minds after the animation ended.

“15 years after the original animation broadcast, I was taken aback when Netflix offered me the opportunity to develop the live-action series. My first thought was: ‘Why? What could I add to the story? If it’s not broken, what’s there to fix?”

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He continued:

“As I thought about it, I realized that there were important things to discover, and a live-action version would set a new benchmark in acting as well as attract a new generation of fans. This was a chance to show Asian and Indigenous characters as living, breathing people.”

Finally, Kim made it clear that it will respect the original material.

“We will be expanding this universe and there will be many surprises for old and new fans. But throughout this process, our watchword has been ‘authenticity’. For the story, for the characters, and especially for the cultural influences present in the original material. Authenticity is what keeps us going, both in front of the camera and behind it, and that’s why we’ve assembled a team never seen before – a group of talented and passionate artists who work non-stop to bring this rich and incredibly beautiful world to life. .”

The 1st episode of ‘Avatar: A Lenda de Aang‘ was displayed in the Nickelodeon in 2005, and even nearly two decades later, animation remains extremely popular.

Remembering that the The animation’s plot is set in a world similar to ours, in which people can manipulate the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air (known as benders) and, for a long time, lived in peace in their own regions – until one of them starts a war. One of these benders, known as Avatar, was the only one that could stop the conflict, but it disappeared shortly after and returned 100 years in Aang’s body.

In addition to being a darling of the public, ‘Avatar: A Lenda de Aang’ took home several statuettes of the Emmy and several Annie Awards for its competent history and design. In 2010, it got a version in live-action directed by M. Night Shyamalan that, despite having almost done US$320 million at the box office, it was a critical failure due to the absurd narrative and superficiality of its themes.

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