“Avatar 2”: This is how Sigourney Weaver’s new character relates to her role in Part 1

James Cameron has opened up about Sigourney Weaver’s new character in Avatar 2 in a new interview.

Since it was announced a few years ago that Sigourney Weaver in “Avatar: The Way of Water” will be there, fans have wondered about the actress’ return. Weaver already had an important role in “Avatar” as the scientist Grace Augustine, but since her character died at the end of the film, the question was how the actress would return.

Then, a few months ago, the actress announced that she would be playing an entirely new character, the Na’vi teenager kiri. Now director has JamesCameron in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Explains why Weaver plays the teenager: “It’s just that she born of Grace’s avatar became. It’s a natural birth, but the avatar is brain dead, but she isn’t. She’s normal.” Of course, that could mean on the one hand that Kiri is the biological daughter of Grace Avatar and thus indirectly of Grace herself, on the other hand there’s probably more to it since Cameron doesn’t explicitly mention a daughter. Maybe the avatar just carried Kiri to term and her birth parents are someone else entirely.

You can watch the current trailer for “Avatar 2” right here:

Kiri has a special connection to her environment

Kiri goes through several emotional crises and “goes from an anxious and depressed state to a state of joy and connection in a three-minute scene,” as the director explains. Cameron adds that from this point on, Kiri feels much more joy than her siblings:

“She’s a character who’s really sensitive. She is a person who is very connected to the world around her – to the animals, to the plants, and to the rhythm and balance of life, much more so than a normal Na’vi. When she jumps into the ocean, she has this transformative experience.”

Kiri promises to be a particularly exciting character, especially since 72-year-old Sigourney Weaver will be playing the role of a teenage girl using motion capture technology. We’ll know what the end result will be when Avatar 2 is released December 14, 2022 comes to German cinemas. You can experience even more “Avatar” with the graphic novel “Avatar: The High Ground”, which you can pre-order now on Amazon.

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