Ava Phillippe + Co.: These Hollywood stars recently celebrated their coming out

Rebel Wilson announced a few days ago that she had found her “Disney Princess”. Stars like Ava Phillippe have also shared their sexual orientation with the public in recent months.

In May 2022, Rebel Wilson, 42, hinted that he was back in a relationship. On June 10, she finally surprised her fans with a new couple photo: she posted a picture with her new partner, entrepreneur Ramona Agruma. “I thought I was looking for a Disney prince… but maybe I really needed a Disney princess all the time,” the Aussie actress wrote, adding a rainbow emoji. With that she celebrated her coming out – just like these Hollywood stars.

These Hollywood stars stand by their sexual orientation

Ava Phillippe: ‘I’m attracted to people’

The daughter of Reese Witherspoon, 46, and Ryan Phillippe, 47, shared during an Instagram Q&A in January 2022 that she saw herself as part of the queer community. When asked if she was into men or women, Ava Phillippe, 22, replied, “I’m attracted to people.” She didn’t care about gender at all, she went on to explain. Since Ava doesn’t care about the woman’s gender identity, she appears to be pansexual. However, she herself refrains from labeling her sexual orientation.

Julian Morris: Coming out after 18 years of relationship

Actor Julian Morris, 39, who “Pretty Little Liars” fans mainly as Dr. Wren Kingston, as you might know, came out as gay late last year when he had been dating artist partner Landon Ross for 18 years.

For a romantic series of pictures that shows the couple in different situations, Julian wrote: “18 years together and it was the best because they were with you, I love you.” A little later, the actor revealed in his Instagram story that he and Landon had said yes. In March 2022, their first red carpet appearance as a couple followed at the Oscars viewing party.

Julian Morris and Landon Ross at the Academy Viewing Party in March 2022

Julian Morris and Landon Ross at the Academy Viewing Party in March 2022

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Emeli Sandé: “I’m happier than ever”

Emeli Sandé, 35, married her childhood sweetheart, marine biologist Adam Gouraguine, in 2012. Two years later, however, they divorced again. Now the singer seems to have finally arrived, because as she revealed to the British news portal “Metro” in March 2022, she is in love again: with the classical pianist Yoana Karemova. “We met through music,” said Sandé. “And I definitely feel happier than ever. It feels great.” When asked if that meant she was bisexual, the ‘My Kind of Love’ hitmaker replied, “I’m not sure what I identify as, but I think so.”

Shortly thereafter, the musician posted the first couple snapshot with her new partner. “It took me many years to find the strength to be myself. I struggled for a long time to accept myself for who I am.” And further: “I am so happy that I found my soul mate Yoana, she is such an extraordinary woman!”

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