Auto incentives, those for thermals ended. 390 million more for electric and plug-in hybrids

Finished in about twenty days. We talk about the 170 million euro of incentives made available by the state for the purchase of thermal cars with low environmental impact and hybrid, those with CO2 emissions included between 61 and 135 g / km. While the funds for cars electric and hybrids plug-in still amount to 390 million: 187 million for battery-powered cars (0-20 g / km CO2 emissions range) compared to the 220 million allocated; and 202 million out of the initial 225 million for rechargeable hybrids (emissions range 21-60 g / CO2).

These last categories of vehicles do not seem to find the favor of the market, also thanks to the exclusion of companies from the benefit of the incentives in question. Except remodeling of the funds – the legislator has foreseen to be able to transfer them from the 0-20 and 21-60 categories to the most popular 61-135 g / km if the market requires it – we will have to wait until 2023 to have other resources economic dedicated to the purchase of cars with emissions between 61 and 135 g / km of CO2, the most requested.

“Given the comatose situation of the car market, the country cannot afford that the allocation for cars with CO2 emissions from 0 to 20 grams per kilometer and from 21 to 60 grams per kilometer remains little used”, he comments Gian Primo Quaglianopresident of the Promotor Study Centerwhich proposes to unify appropriations for incentives.

“The solution to take into account the needs of the market in this particularly difficult phase, fully respecting the strongly ecological approach of the incentives is to bring in a single allocation all residual appropriations and in greatly increasing the value of unitary incentives for cars with CO2 emissions from 0 to 20 grams per kilometer and for cars with CO2 emissions from 21 to 60 grams per kilometer “, Quagliano says: “To be effective in the current context, the unit incentives for cars from 0 to 20 grams per kilometer of CO2 should be increased by 100% and those for cars from 21 to 60 grams per kilometer of CO2 should be increased by 50%”.

According to Gianmarco Giordageneral manager of Anfia, “it would be better to let the fleets and rental companies to use the incentives for electric and hybrid, so as to make the funds more attractive “. With bonuses were bought 85 thousand cars with traditional low emission engine.

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