Author of a book about the Kiss nightclub rebuts criticism of Every Day at the Same Night

Now available on Netflix, Every Day a Same Night addresses the fire at Kiss Nightclub, one of the greatest tragedies in Brazilian history. Even before the official launch, the series was already criticized on social networks for being “unnecessary” and for “exposing the suffering of families”. In a recent interview, the author of the book that inspired the series countered these criticisms.

“A fire at Kiss nightclub kills 242 people. Now, the families of the victims are fighting for justice,” says the official synopsis of Every Day, Same Night on Netflix.

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The cast of the series is led by Thelmo Fernandes, Paulo Gorgulho, Bianca Byington, Laila Zaid, Débora Lamm, Flávio Bauraqui and Leonardo Medeiros.

We show below how the author of Every Day at the Same Night spoke about the criticism of the adaptation of the book on Netflix; check out!

For the director, criticism of Every Day the Same Night is “silence”

On social networks, many Netflix subscribers accuse the platform of “glamorizing suffering” with the launch of Every Day at the Same Night, a live-action series that talks about the tragedy of the Nightclub Kiss.

For those who don’t remember, the Kiss nightclub fire occurred at dawn on January 27, 2013, in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul.

Due to a combination of human failures, lack of supervision and omission by the competent authorities, the Kiss nightclub caught fire, causing the death of 242 people. About 636 people (including clubgoers and those involved in the rescue) were also injured.

The Netflix miniseries is based on the bestseller “Every Day at the Same Night: The Untold Story of Nightclub Kiss”, written by Daniela Arbex.

Critics of Every Day the Same Night say that the Netflix series “uses the suffering of others to promote itself”.

For Daniela Arbex, the objective of the production could not be more different. In a chat with the Splash website, the writer addressed the subject.

“We really need to work on this mistaken idea that not talking saves parents from suffering. Not talking is not an option. To forget is to deny history. And what father and mother wants their child to be forgotten? Asking for overcoming is a total lack of empathy with the pain of the other”, commented the author.

Julia Rezende, the general director of Every Day at the Same Night, one of the main intentions of the production is precisely to give voice to the families who suffered with the fire at the Kiss nightclub.

“Many Brazilian films have also been made based on real characters or events. So, I think wanting to refuse that, first, is silly. Afterwards, it is a form of silencing. What we are doing here is giving voice to this event, not letting it fall into oblivion”, said the filmmaker.

You can already check out all the episodes of Every Day the Same Night on Netflix.

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