Australian reality TV star shows bruises after having butt surgery

The Australian reality TV star”Married at FirstSight” (Marriage at First Sight, in Portuguese) Jessica Power recently revealed on her social media that she underwent a surgical procedure to enlarge her butt.

In videos shared on Instagram Stories this Thursday (04/08), Jessika shared some bruises in the region a few days after surgery.

The model became famous for her cosmetic changes to her body, such as transferring fat from her thighs to her breasts, as well as some filling procedures on her cheeks and lips. The blonde’s procedures have already totaled about 60 thousand dollars, about R$ 315 thousand at the current price.

“I wanted my hips to be fuller as I lost a lot of volume when I had my fat transfer,” Power said to her Instagram fans and followers.

For those interested in the result, the model has a profile on “OnlyFans“, where she says she makes about “six figures” every month.

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