Australia vs Afghanistan test 2021 AUS threatens Taliban bans women Cricket will not play Test match

Australia vs Afghanistan test 2021: With the advent of the Taliban in Afghanistan, atrocities on women have started. The Taliban have banned women from participating in sports. Taliban bosses believe that it exposes women’s bodies. Cricket Australia has now threatened the Taliban against this. Cricket Australia has said that it will not play cricket with Afghanistan’s men’s team until the new Taliban government allows women’s cricket in Afghanistan. Let us tell you, the historic Test match between the two teams will be played from November 27 to December 1. This will be the first test match between the two countries.

Looking at the latest situation, it is believed that there will be no historic Test match between Australia and Afghanistan. If this happens then it will be a big blow for Afghanistan cricket. It is believed that other countries may also refuse to play Afghanistan in opposition to the Taliban. The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) was all set to launch its first women’s national team, but with the arrival of the Taliban, it seems unlikely.

Taliban in favor of playing cricket only for men

The Taliban bosses, who recently formed the caretaker government in Kabul, have reaffirmed their support for the country’s men’s cricket team to tour Australia for the historic Test match as well as the upcoming T20 World Cup. Also, when it comes to participating in sporting events, they have allegedly taken away the freedom of women of Afghanistan.

In view of the current circumstances, Cricket Australia issued a statement on Thursday, warning of cancellation of the Test match against Afghanistan men’s team. “It is important for Cricket Australia to drive the growth of women’s cricket globally,” the CA statement said. There itself

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