Australia had some hope, but eventually went ‘down under’ against France

Australia made the outgoing world champion shiver for less than half an hour to enter the boat in their opening match. The French quickly came under steam and remain on course thanks to Mbappe and Giroud.

At the previous tournament, France and Australia also met in the group stage. France then paved the way to the world title by beating Australia 2-1.

1st half

France immediately opted for the attack, but it was Australia that immediately asserted itself. With three passes, the entire defense of France was destroyed. It was Goodwin who served the finisher. Suddenly the world champion was behind.

It was even double bad luck for France because Lucas Hernandez was injured. He had to leave the field and was replaced by his brother. Not long after that it started to play an important role.

The first major danger after the opening goal again came from Australia. Duke with the shot from the second line, but the ball goes over and wide of Lloris’ goal. Then it was time for France.

The French then completely pull the sheet and this paid off. Substitute Theo Hernandez with the cross and Adrien Rabot headed in the ball hard. The plates were back in balance and everything could start again. The French continued on the same momentum and emphatically looked for the lead. That also came via Giroud. The French attacker of AC Milan scored his first goal at a World Cup. Relief for France, although it remained icy silent in the stadium.

The venom for the French was both in the head and in the tail of the first half. Because in the end the Australians suddenly came out of their defensive belt. Irvine with the fine header, but it hit the post and fluttered over the back line.

2nd half

The French were warned and chose to attack in the second half. Giroud, Griezmann, Mbappe with the possibilities, but a liberating hit was not forthcoming. Although the French dominated the Australians who no longer played football.

We had to wait until the 68th minute, but then all of France could breathe a sigh of relief. France’s two flank attackers started to do magic. Dembele with the excellent action and cross and not Giroud, but Kylian Mbappe with the header. A way of scoring that we have not often seen from the flank attacker.

Mbappe Lottin Kylian

The French superstar was clearly looking forward to it. Because with two gears to place, he rolled onto Australia’s right flank and delivered a fine cross. Target striker Giroud was well placed and headed the 4-1 against the nets.

France seemed happy with the lead and calmly kept possession. Australia gasped for the end of the game and could no longer make a fist. This is how France confirmed its favorite role at this World Cup. With no great achievement, the Australians were set aside.

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