aurangabad bihar news: one crore transfer from worker account in aurangabad bihar now aurangabad youth on vigilance radar


  • Transaction of more than one crore rupees from the account of poor youth in Aurangabad
  • Transaction of huge amount from bank account done online
  • Account was opened on zero balance, mobile number is not added to the account

In Aurangabad, a case of transaction of more than one crore rupees from the account of poor youth has come to light. The matter is related to Punjab National Bank receipt. Account holder Sonu Kumar is a resident of Risiyap village, who currently works as a laborer living in Nagpur. For the last one year, huge amount of transactions are being done in Sonu’s account. On this neither any initiative was taken by the account holder nor by the bankers.

The matter came to light when the Vigilance team of Delhi informed the bank about the transaction of huge amount from the account of the said youth. After this, this information was given to the youth Sonu Kumar on behalf of the bank manager. When Sonu came home after getting information, he denied knowing about the transaction. Sonu, while giving an application to the branch manager in this regard, told that the account number 0949001501137589 is operating in his name in the bank. Unknown people made deposits of crores of rupees in this account without his knowledge.

Large amount of transaction done online
Sonu has demanded the closure of the account with immediate effect and the statement related to the transaction from the account till 23 June 2020. According to the information, all the big amount transactions have been done online from Sonu’s account. The transaction is not done through the deposit slip in the bank.

Account was opened on zero balance
The surprising thing is that the account in which transactions worth crores of rupees have been done was opened on zero balance. Sonu told that in 2016, while studying in class VIII, he had opened an account in the bank. Whatever money he deposited in the bank, he had withdrawn it. Last time he had deposited Rs 500 in the account, which has increased to Rs 700 with interest.

mobile number not linked to account
Sonu told that when he came home during the lockdown, he tried to print the passbook and get the mobile number linked to the account but could not. After that he did not withdraw the deposit in the said account. The biggest thing is that there is a limit for transactions in the account opened for the students on zero balance. Even after this, how the large amount of deposit was withdrawn, it is a matter of investigation.

What is a branch manager
Amrit Kholka, Branch Manager Punjab National Bank Receipt informed that large amount of transactions have been done from Sonu’s account from 25 March 2020 to 22 March 2021 through mobile app. Every point related to this is being investigated. At present, the account holder Sonu has been called to the bank and questioned. The deposit has not been withdrawn from the bank with a deposit or withdrawal slip. In such a situation, there is some problem in investigating, but soon the reality will be ascertained after investigating all the points. Also, action will be taken against the guilty. According to the manager, prima facie the bank is getting doubts on that boy as well.

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