Aulas, Ponsot, Cheyrou, OL don’t change anything!

Present this weekend in Lyon, John Textor had the opportunity to meet his coach and his players before the match against Strasbourg. But the American owner leaves it to Jean-Michel Aulas to manage everything on a daily basis.

For the first time since he bought Olympique Lyonnais, John Textor will spend a few days in the capital of Gaul. On Friday, the new OL boss had lunch with Laurent Blanc, then attended training with Jean-Michel Aulas, before then meeting the players. And this Saturday, the American businessman will attend the Ligue 1 match between his team and Strasbourg in the stands of Groupama Stadium. Obviously, it would be better for everyone that this meeting ends well for Lyon, whose performance on Wednesday in Nantes was tasteless. But, whatever the case, and contrary to what fans expect, there will be no revolution from this month of January at OL. The transfer window will still be managed the “old way” and it will be the same decision-makers who will be in charge, namely the Aulas-Ponsot-Cheyrou trio. Confiding in L’Equipe, Jean-Michel Aulas clarified that John Textor will only intervene when financially there is an important choice to be made.

OL will not yet make their revolution

Confiding in Vincent Duluc, the former owner, but still president, of Olympique Lyonnais clarified things in terms of operation. ” We worked out some limits together. I decide for 95% of the operational and, for the 5%, it is dialogue, agreement, by proceeding as I had done at Cegid, after the sale of my company, on the basis of budgets and commitments decided upstream. The rest is only if we slip in the results or if we exceed the level of commitment decided. In six months of negotiations, I got to know John, who is a good, passionate person, and who wants to delegate the operational aspect of management. But we already consulted him during the negotiations, at the time of the change of coach, which was normal, just as Vincent Ponsot had him on the phone several times on the Dejan Lovren file. If the remaining 5% is based on a financial threshold? Yes, in particular. For a transfer of approximately 10 million euros, for example, or an evolution of our participation in Asvel or OL Reign, we will ask for the agreement “, specifies Jean-Michel Aulas, who will not really reassure OL supporters by announcing this.

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