Aulas fired from OL, Textor sets his conditions

While John Textor should have already bought Olympique Lyonnais several weeks ago, the American businessman still does not own the Rhone club. The fault of Jean-Michel Aulas?

Will OL be bought by John Textor one day? This question remains unanswered for the moment… Postponed three times, the OL Sale should have been formalized on November 17, but it has still not been validated. According to the official version, the signing of the deal has just been postponed until John Textor provides a document from the Premier League, where the American is a shareholder of Crystal Palace. But the reality is quite different. Already because this paper story is obsolete, according to information from Romain Molina, for whom Textor is not the right person to buy Lyon. But also because Jean-Michel Aulas is now at odds with Textor, who wants to place a henchman on the OL Board of Directors by entrusting him with high responsibilities. Which is not to the taste of JMA, according to Le Quotidien du Sport.

“A real showdown” between Aulas and Textor

“It is still the precise role of Jean-Michel Aulas within OL, for the years to come, which is holding back the sale. As everyone knows, it has been planned since the beginning that JMA will remain at the head of the club until 2025, with a very substantial salary (we are talking about 2 million euros annually). Except that John Textor now wants to dismiss the man who took the reins of the club in 1987. A position that led to a real standoff between the two men, with the risk of derailing the sale.can we read on the specialized site.

The man in question is also Durcesio Mello, the current president of the Botafogo club, owned by Textor. According to the Brazilian media, the American would like to make him a second president in order to control the slightest actions of Aulas, who refuses to be sidelined in this way. Suffice to say that the sale process, which began six months ago, is still far from being completed, since Aulas and Textor are no longer on the same wavelength. A standoff that could lead to the end of the negotiations, knowing that the last deadline has been exceeded, and that the shareholders can now decide when they want to end this extended sale which is starting to worry the side of the ‘OL.

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