Augustine of "Big Brother" was eliminated in a promo that Telefe broadcast on the air: scandal in the networks

The last Elimination Gala of “Big Brother 2022” It was, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated since the beginning of the reality show. The public wanted to see Juan Reverdito leave the house, which happened on Sunday night. However, Telefe made a serious mistake that caught the attention of viewers regarding the departure of Augustine Guard.

Look at the mistake that Telefe made regarding the alleged elimination of Agustín from “Big Brother 2022”!

After the departure of Thomas Holder Y Martina Stewart Usher from the house of “GH”, the followers of the reality show on social networks the negative vote against the little brother who, at some point, knew how to be a singer. During the last few days, the taxi driver had strong clashes with Walter “Alpha” Santiago and it was even suspected that hit Augustine.

In this sense, “Frodo”, who received the support of a famous audiovisual platformshared the nomination plaque with Reverdito, Walter, Daniela Y Nacho. Although Guardia was the first save of the night, Telefe announced the supposed elimination of the young man from La Plata.

The channel of the three little balls publicized the weekly programming, and when it was the turn of the program hosted by Santiago del Moropromoted Agustín’s talk, the supposed “recently removed”with the presenter.

Juan was the fourth eliminated from ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′.” data-height=”420″ data-size=”w:2000,h:1129″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=” .ar/export/sites/cronica/img/2022/11/14/juan_cuarto_eliminado_de_gh.jpeg_345970201.jpeg” title=”Juan was the fourth eliminated from ‘Big Brother 2022’.” vspace=”5″>
Juan was the fourth eliminated from “Big Brother 2022”.

In this sense, it is not the first time that Telefe has made different versions of the same event for reasons of time or for fear of the information leaking. In the editions of “MasterChef Celebrity Argentina”, the channel recorded the triumph of the two finalists and, at the time of broadcasting, they reproduce the correct sequence.

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