Auguste Veillon, a Swiss orientalist

The Pully Art Museum, nestled in the old town, opened its spring exhibition this Friday devoted to August Veillon. Journeys along the water. This 19th century painter, born in Bex in 1834 and died in Geneva 56 years later, is known to amateurs for his large paintings of the Swiss lakes, Lake Geneva, Lake Brienz or Lake Lucerne, against a backdrop of emblematic summits, those of the Dents du Midi or the Urirotstock. But this is only part of his work! Indeed, despite his household of five children, Veillon undertook his first trip to the Orient at the age of 40 and did not stop traveling there until his premature death. After Venice, the “gateway to the East” as they said then, he reached Egypt three times, went to Tunisia, immersed himself in the Holy Land twice, continuing as far as Syria, before returning via Turkey and Greece.

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